The library is located in room 12 in the main hall.

Library Days and Hours

The library is now open at lunch to read, study, or check out books when the library is open.

Please, no food or drink in the library.  Lunch needs to be fully finished before coming down to the library.  I hope to see all English classes each month in the library for lessons and book check out.  I am excited to see all of our students in the library for another great year! 



Students will be getting textbooks in their classes over the next couple of weeks.  Textbooks are very expensive and should be kept dry and away from younger siblings and pets.  We recommend students cover their books with cloth or paper (no tape on the actual book, please).  Some textbooks have digital versions and are found in your student’s Clever account (ask your student to log in to see it).

How to Check for Overdue Library Books


Library Log in

Did you know you can log in to your district library account?  This will allow you to see if you have any overdue books and to make sure you have no overdue textbooks from last year on your record.  Questions? Email (your Teacher Librarian).


  1. Log in to SCUSD Clever
  2. Go to the “Library Resources” “Follett” icon