Language Arts


Students at Einstein use novels and articles to explore the Common Core Standards with teachers that have studied at the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking.  Students will hone their voice by reading myriad authors and writing their own high quality, text-based essays and inspired narratives.



Einstein offers students the opportunity to bring history to life.  Our faculty has worked with the UC Davis History Project and that experience and training benefits our students whether they are competing in the National History Day or portraying a historical figure in our Living History Museum.

Students study world history in 7th grade and US history in 8th grade.



Math at Einstein is taught through the Common Core Standards with constructivist lessons.  Students are expected to explain their thought process and demonstrate their conceptual understanding rather than simply seek solutions.

Einstein offers Math 7, Math 8, Compacted Math 7/8 and Compacted 8/1.  Students may spend an entire class period dissecting one problem that leads them through a rich dialogue that promotes critical thinking and mathematical reasoning.

Science Department


The Albert Einstein Middle School Science Department guides students along their path to becoming informed citizens who are well versed in the methods and ideas of science.  To achieve this mission, students will use scientific reasoning and thinking skills to problem solve, communicate effectively, work cooperatively and use technology. Our department follows NGSS standards and focuses on hands-on projects touching on all areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to investigate real-world problems, using traditional science tools and equipment.

Physical Education


Physical Education classes at Einstein provide students the opportunity to explore and discover sports with which they may not have experience.   

Special Education


Mr. Graham, Ms. Misca and Mrs. Graham teach classes for students designated RSP.

Ms. Johnson and Mr. Bragg and teach students designated for SDC.




The library is located in room 12 in the main hall.

Library Days and Hours

The library is now open at lunch to read, study, or check out books when the library is open.

Please, no food or drink in the library.  Lunch needs to be fully finished before coming down to the library.  I hope to see all English classes each month in the library for lessons and book check out.  I am excited to see all of our students in the library for another great year! 



Each student will have one elective class in 7th grade and another elective in 8th grade. 


If you are interested in finding out more regarding each elective, please click on the elective from the list on the left side of the page.