Student Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


  • Gates will open at 8:15am, please do not arrive too early
  • All students are required to enter through the gates near the parking lot only, no other entrances will be available
  • Students will go directly to the cafeteria to be temperature checked by walking past the thermal scanner
  • Once temperature checked, students will be directed to go straight to their classroom (students will not be allowed to congregate in the quad or hallways)

What happens if a student has a fever at the time of the temperature check?

  • If a student’s temperature check shows a fever, the child’s temperature will be checked again after a moment.
  • If they still read as having a fever of 100.4 or higher the child will be directed to the care room where the parent/guardian will be contacted and the child will be sent home


  • At the dismissal bell students will be able to pick up a grab and go lunch from the outdoor snack bar windows.
  • Students will be required to exit the campus immediately after the bell (or immediately after getting their lunch if they pick up a lunch)
  • Students are not allowed to hang out or remain on campus after school