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Volleyball Coach

Kayla Cooper

Leah Crist (mentor)


Publications Director

Mrs. Del Agua



The Leadership Class is one of the most popular electives here at Einstein.  Led by Mrs. Del Agua, students plan dances, organize rallies, and organize donations for groups in need.  In the process, these students learn more than how to plan events; they learn how to function as a team, how to lead a group, and how to support others.  

This year the Leadership Class will host Student Body Elections and the ASB officers will attend their first ever Leadership Conference. 


Leadership Director

Julie Del Agua

(916) 395-5310

AEMS Mission Statement

Our mission at Albert Einstein Middle School is to prepare students to show initiative, strive for personal excellence and actively contribute to a team in order to compete and succeed in high school, college, career and life.

Teacher Profile

Amie Leas
History / Athletic Director

(916) 395-5310
Ext. 400169
Room 69
Staff Profile

Thai Xiong
After School Coordinator

(916) 395-5310
Ext. 400025
Staff Profile

Overton Claborne
Instructional Aid

(916) 395-5310
Room 5